12V 30A programmable LCD solar controller sealed dust/water proof with BTS

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Solagen 12Volt 30Amp PWM solar controller. Comes with Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS).

Our most popular model! Ideal for large applications such as Caravans, Boats, RV, Shacks, Bach, & Tiny Homes. Start with a small panel and add more later if needed.

Unique flush mount design hides all cables for a super neat finish.

5 stage charging.
LED and LCD display with automatic backlight.
Suitable for up to 500W of panels maximum.
Programmable for all lead-acid battery types (Conventional wet, Calcium SMF, AGM & Gel) AND LITHIUM.
Intelligent microprocessor control shows all faults and charge states (Soft start, Bulk, Absorption, Equalisation & Float) as well as Amp-Hours (AH) generated today and Battery Temperature (when the BTS is used).

NOTE must be used with 12V (36 cell) solar panels.

Download the manual