FMR 12V 1A programmable battery charger kit 9-stage for all battery types plus Lithium

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Ideal for everything 12-Volt in storage with occasional use - Motorbikes, Jetskis, Rideon Lawnmowers, Classic Cars, Race Cars, Boats, Small tractors, Generators, Quad & ATV bikes, Trailer winches, Gokarts, Spotlights, Flounder lights, Duck Decoys, Kontiki, etc 

FUTURE PROOF programmable for all lead-acid battery types (Conventional wet, Calcium SMF, AGM & Gel) as well as Lithium (LiFePO4) with built in BMS. Change the programming any time to suit whatever battery you have now or in the future. 

Comes with two looms - one Crocodile Clip and one fused Hardwire with weatherproof connector for fast and easy connect/disconnect without having to directly access the battery. Hardwire loom is perfect for installing under the seat of most motorbikes or behind the bumper of cars for quick connect without having to take the seat off or open the bonnet.

This charger & maintainer is perfect for keeping your expensive batteries healthy and always fully charged and ready for use. Leave connected to ensure your battery survives over the winter, or to top-up after use in summer. 

Super intelligent smart charger. Simply set and forget. Can be left permanently connected without damage and greatly extend the battery lifetime. Fully automatic trickle/tender charge mode. 

1-Volt startup and special Recondition and Pulse Charge modes ensure even the flattest battery can be recovered. 

Special low power mode checks if the battery requires top-up charge every 7 days. 

LED display with intelligent microprocessor design shows all charge states and faults. 

Download user manual

Electrical RCM approval # SAA171570EA

See the programming video How-To guide here:

NOTE not for use with hobby lipos that require external balancing.

IMPORTANT: The crocodile terminals have an anti-corrosive coating which can make programming difficult. If the Fault LED doesn't light immediately when you touch and short the terminals it is probably easiest to use the Ring Terminals to do the setup.

Was branded SOLAGEN in the past.


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